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Omni-Flip OM-F1 19.95    Add to Cart      
Canon EOS D30, D60, 20D, 30D, 40D Canon Rebel XT, 300D, XTi, 400D Nikon D40, D40x, D50, D70, D70s, D80, D100, D200 Olympus E400, E410, E500
Pentax *istDS, K10D,K100D, K100Ds

Omni-Bounce OM-C 19.95    Add to Cart      
Achiever 260AF Achiever 260T Achiever 828 Achiever 828TW
Achiever TZ250 Bower SFD35C/N Canon 380EX Contax TLA280
Contax TLA360 Digi-Slave Dlx 2000 Focal M500T LumoPro LP120
Metz 40 MZ2 Metz 54 MZ3 Metz 54 MZ4 Minolta 5200i
Minolta 5400HS Minolta 5400xi Nikon SB-24 Nikon SB-25
Nikon SB-26 Nissin 360TW Nissin 360TXP Nissin Di622
Nissin PZ400-C-N-M Olympus FL40 Olympus FL50 Olympus G40
Panasonic DMW FL 500E Pentax AF500FTZ Phoenix APZL-106AF Sigma 500 Series
Sigma 530 Series Sony HVL-F32X Sunpak 2000DZ Sunpak 266D
Sunpak MZ440AF Vivitar 2500 Vivitar 273 Vivitar 3500
Vivitar 850AF Vivitar DF200

Omni-Bounce OM-EW 19.95    Add to Cart      
Canon 430EX Canon 430EXII

Omni-Bounce OM-600 19.95    Add to Cart      
Nikon SB-600 Nissin Di466 Olympus FL36 Panasonic DMW FL 360E
Sunpak PZ-42X

Omni-Bounce OM-EY 19.95    Add to Cart      
Bower SFD680C/N Canon 580EX Canon 580EXII

Omni-Bounce OM-MZ3 19.95    Add to Cart      
Bower SFD328 Cobra 480AF Cobra Auto 280 Kodak Gear AF
Metz 36AF Metz 36C-2 Minolta 3500xi Nikon SB-28
Nikon SB-28DX Nissin Di481 Pentax 330FTZ Phoenix 80DZA
Phoenix 82ZBDA Twin Phoenix D79-BZS Phoenix ZBIF-92N ProMaster FTD5200
Quantaray QAF6600 Series Quantaray QB6550U Sigma 420 Sigma 430
Soligor MZ340AF Sunpak 355AF Vivitar 383 Vivitar 728AF
Vivitar 836 Vivitar 840AF Vivitar DF400MZ

Omni-Bounce OM-EX 19.95    Add to Cart      
Canon 420EX Digi-Slave DFS-1 Kodak P-20 Pentax AF280T
ProMaster FT-1700 Vivitar 550FD

Omni-Bounce OM-SB5 19.95    Add to Cart      
Nikon SB-50DX Nikon SB-800 Nikon SB-80DX Sony HVL-F1000
Sony HVL-FH1100

Omni-Bounce OM-HV58 19.95    Add to Cart      
Nissin Di866 Sony HVL-F58AM

Omni-Bounce OM-SBR200SET 24.95    Add to Cart      
Nikon R1 Nikon R1C1

Omni-Bounce OM-EZ 19.95    Add to Cart      
Achiever 630 Canon 299 Canon 540EZ Canon 550EX
Digi-Slave Dlx 3000 LumoPro LP-160 ProMaster 5750DX ProMaster 7500DX
ProMaster 7500EDF ProMaster FTD5600 ProMaster FTD5700 ProMaster FTD5750
ProMaster FTD5950 ProMaster FTD6500M ProMaster FTD7000M Quantaray QTB7500A
Quantaray QTB9500A Sakar 77TFZ Starblitz 3800DFH Sunpak PZ-5000AF
Vivitar 5200 Vivitar 600N

Omni-Bounce OM-PZ4 19.95    Add to Cart      
Metz 40 AF4 Sunpak PZ4000AF

Omni-Bounce OM-B 19.95    Add to Cart      
Achiever DZ260 Bower SFD52N Bower SFD728N Canon 420EZ
Canon 430EZ Digi-Slave PRO Panasonic PE36-S Vivitar 283
Vivitar 285 Vivitar 285HV Vivitar 3700 Vivitar 4600 Std
Vivitar 5600 Std Vivitar 5600 Zoom

Omni-Bounce OM-400 19.95    Add to Cart      
Nikon SB-400

Omni-Bounce OM-422 19.95    Add to Cart      
Quantaray 383 Super Series Sunpak 30DX Sunpak 3600AF Sunpak 3600D
Sunpak 3600DX Sunpak 383 Sunpak 422 Sunpak 433
Sunpak 444

Omni-Bounce OM-CT45 19.95    Add to Cart      
Hasselblad Pro Metz CT/CL45 Series

Omni-Bounce OM-900 19.95    Add to Cart      
Nikon SB-900

Omni-Bounce OM-522 19.95    Add to Cart      
Sunpak 4500DX Sunpak 455 Sunpak 522 Sunpak 544
Sunpak 555

Omni-Bounce OM-UNI 19.95    Add to Cart      
Canon 300EZ Cobra Auto 260 Minolta 2800AF Minolta 280PX
Pentax 300FTZ Pentax AF200T Pentax AF220T Phoenix 93ZBSA
Sunpak 355 Vivitar 2800

Omni-Bounce OM-MZ40 19.95    Add to Cart      
Metz 40 MZ1i Metz 40 MZ3i Pentax AF540FGZ

Omni-Bounce OM-24X Set 24.95    Add to Cart      
Canon MT-24EX

Omni-Bounce OM-SB16 19.95    Add to Cart      
Achiever 632LCD Achiever 632T Achiever 700AF Cobra 680AF
Cobra 700AF Cobra D650 Nikon SB-16 A/B

Omni-Bounce OM-199 19.95    Add to Cart      
Canon 199-A

Omni-Bounce OM-300 19.95    Add to Cart      
Canon 300TL Phoenix DZBIS 112C11 Phoenix DZBIS 112TTL Phoenix ZBIS-106AF
Soligor PZ400AFC Vivitar 730AF Vivitar DF340Z

Omni-Bounce OM-MZ50 19.95    Add to Cart      
Metz 202, 402 Metz 50 MZ5 Series

Omni-Bounce OM-4000 19.95    Add to Cart      
Minolta 4000AF

Omni-Bounce OM-RQ 19.95    Add to Cart      
Quantaray XLF-50 Sunpak RB2000

Omni-Bounce OM-T32 19.95    Add to Cart      
Olympus T32

Omni-Bounce OM-MZ80 19.95    Add to Cart      
Metz 48 AF-1 C/N Metz 58 AF1

Omni-Bounce OM-MZ2 19.95    Add to Cart      
Bower 829TW Metz 32 MZ-3 Metz 32 Z-1 Metz 32 Z-2
Metz 44AF Metz MZ44-2 Pentax AF240FT ProMaster FTD5400

Omni-Bounce OM-MZ70 19.95    Add to Cart      
Metz 70 MZ4 Metz 70 MZ5 Metz 76 MZ5

Omni-Bounce OM-MZ6 19.95    Add to Cart      
Minolta 5600hs Sony HVL-F56AM

Omni-Bounce OM-CT60 19.95    Add to Cart      
Metz CT60 Series

Omni-Bounce OM-EV 19.95    Add to Cart      
Canon 270EX

Omni-Bounce OM-PZ8 19.95    Add to Cart      
Bower SFD 926N/O/C/S/P Minolta 3600HS Pentax AF360FGZ ProMaster FTD5500
Sony HVL-F36AM Sony HVL-F42AM

Omni-Bounce OM-4X 19.95    Add to Cart      
Minolta 2500D Quantaray PZ40 Quantaray QF30 Sunpak PF30X
Sunpak PX-40XII Sunpak PZ-2800 Sunpak PZ-40X

Omni-Bounce for unlisted flash unit
OM-UNI (long)
$19.95   Add to Cart
If you are unable to locate your flash unit in the above listing, select this item. When you add this item to the shopping cart you will be able to enter the Make and Model of your flash unit.
Also for Omni Color units as shown on Products Listing page.
You will be notified if we do not have an Omni-Bounce for your flash unit.

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